Interested in bringing ADVi to your school campus?

Thank you for your interest! We know school counselors like you work hard on behalf of Texas students every day. We created ADVi as a resource to any Texas student or potential student with questions about college. ADVi is available 24/7 and can answer many general questions about applying to college, the financial aid process (including FAFSA!), and college readiness.

Our hope is that ADVi can help answer students’ basic questions about college, freeing up your time for more in-depth conversations with students. ADVi can also add capacity by answering students’ questions outside of your office hours.


Accessing ADVi

If you’re interested in sharing ADVi with your students, you are welcome to direct them to visit www.askADVi.org anytime to start a chat!

Schools in our regions targeted for expansion – the South, Central, and West Texas higher education regions – are also eligible for support via text message. If you are in those regions and interested, please get in touch with Tiffany Lewis at Tiffany@askADVi.org. If you’re not in those regions, stay tuned – we hope to expand our reach soon!


Promoting ADVi on your campus

If you would like to request an ADVi toolkit for your school to help you promote the tool, please get in touch with Tiffany Lewis at Tiffany@askADVi.org. We can provide an electronic or hard copy toolkit with flyers and promotional items (subject to availability).